A kitchen you need to know about, the Greyfield Inn.

The Greyfield is a remarkable Inn located on the beautiful Cumberland Island in southeastern Georgia. There is a good chance you have never heard of it, or it's location but as with so much of our world, there is a rich history that we are hardly even aware of. From it's initial settlers to its role in our military there is more to say about this small island then can be easily stated.

I only wish to expose you to the remarkable work of two fantastic Chefs who, with crew, have dedicated themselves to elevating the cuisine of this Inn to match the surrounding beauty of their location.

Chefs Whitney Otawka and Ben Wheatley head up the kitchen at the Greyfield. Each night there is one set seating time and all guest are put at a single communal table. The kitchen is tasked with delivering inspiring local cuisine, which is pulled from both the sea and earth. This includes using vegetables from their spectacular garden.

Taken from Otawka's Instagram (Pictured Above): "Today's dish was brought to you by Spring. I can run this dish for a few precious weeks while the English peas are sweet and the sugar snaps are fat and crunchy. Sweet peas, harissa, burrata, country ham, pea shoots, breadcrumbs"

This is food created with a respect to where it came from, and where it is now. These are not always easy things to balance but it is done with grace at the Greyfield Inn.

These are two Chefs deserve our attention.

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As a note, it looks like the Greyfield Inn is currently looking for line cooks and we are personally tempted to drop everything and go.