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Worst Question to Ask a Chef

Whenever they ask I always look back at them with the same blank stare, wanting to be a smart ass but knowing better. Once someone finds out that you are a Chef or a Cook you are on a timer, they will at some point ask the question, the question you know is coming and you already know you don’t want to answer. You would think that this would flatter your ego, that they actually are at least pretending to care about what you have to say but the answer is so obvious that when they say it you know they do not even have a passing understanding of what it means to cook food at a high level. To...

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Pans! Heavy Hot Things!

Cast iron pots and pans have always been in vogue, and with good reason, you boil, steam, fry and set fire to these pans and they stand right up to it. If you do you manage to break one it is because war has broken out and an armor piercing round has hit your pan while you were shielding yourself in a corner. They are a lifelong commitment. They also have the ability to retain flavors of previously cooked food, which admittedly can be double-sided. Basically, if you cook bacon for long enough, and often enough in a cast iron pan, it will eventually make everything cooked in it taste like bacon. People tend to get protective of their pans,...

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A kitchen you need to know about, the Greyfield Inn.

The Greyfield is a remarkable Inn located on the beautiful Cumberland Island in southeastern Georgia. There is a good chance you have never heard of it, or it's location but as with so much of our world, there is a rich history that we are hardly even aware of. From it's initial settlers to its role in our military there is more to say about this small island then can be easily stated. I only wish to expose you to the remarkable work of two fantastic Chefs who, with crew, have dedicated themselves to elevating the cuisine of this Inn to match the surrounding beauty of their location. Chefs Whitney Otawka and Ben Wheatley head up the kitchen at the...

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