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RealHamn On Touch Of Modern

  RealHamn is making more moves.  We just had our first run of our chef tongs on Touch of Modern. Needless to say, we're pretty pumped about it. Touch of Modern is a members-only subscription website that features daily sales of lifestyle products, fashion, and accessories to men.  As you know, RealHamn is about that design life. Our tools are created specifically to bring a new level of precision to every dish. We want your plates and dishes classy. #PerfectThatDish There are some pretty big things in the pipeline for us. We are revamping our manufacturing process to meet the demands of orders, as well as some new top-shelf packaging for the tongs. More exciting news in the coming weeks!      

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RealHamn Is On Uncrate!

  Things are going pretty well at the RealHamn HQ. We've been getting the word out on our revolutionary chef tools. Just recently we were featured on Uncrate. In case you didn't know, Uncrate is a digital buying guide and magazine for men. Uncrate has covered over 9000 items and have more than one and a half million readers monthly. They're known for their reputation of being gear and gadget aficionados. Which pretty much makes them the Indiana Jones of cool gadgets and devices from around the web. We are honored and excited to be included on their growing list of great products.  Check out the link to see us on Uncrate.  Stay tuned for more great news in the coming days.

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