Knife makers you should know about but probably don't.

Chef knives are one of the most important items to a chef, not only for the practical aspects but as a source of pride in our work. Here are some knife makers doing amazing things.


Ben Stark

This is a young knife maker from the mid-west who has a real flair for combining the handles with really beautiful blades.

Can be found at:

Det Tidkun Knives Design

This knife maker works in pure metal/one piece knives. Imagine pulling this out of your knife roll.

Can be found at:

Noah Vachon

Vachon is a master of shear elegance when it comes to knife making. Very clean lines, beautiful blades.

Can be found at:

Jonathan Parkerson

 A really interesting knife maker who has some of the wildest steel patterns we have ever seen. All knives have a very rugged, almost dystopian feel about them. Amazing stuff.

Can be found at:
Dylan Grace

With some of the most unique silhouettes we have ever seen, pulling one of these out of any knife roll is going to earn you a lot of envy among your peers. No one will ever confuse this knife with one of their's ever.

Can be found at: